About Us

Our attorneys and staff are known for providing attentive and dedicated advocacy.

Cambria & Kline, PC has a proven track record of winning cases. Our attorneys are recognized and awarded members in the legal community.

Cambria & Kline has been, and is, committed to ending family detention locally and nationwide. Besides the direct representation of clients, Cambria & Kline is involved in community work and legal actions to improve and work towards a humane immigration system. Cambria & Kline has have been involved in litigation across the country to address injustices in the immigration system.

In 2016, Bridget Cambria, Esq. and Jackie Kline founded the non-profit Aldea – The People’s Justice Center to further address the needs of the immigration community, particularly in the detention setting.

Meet The Team 1

Ms. Bridget
Cambria, Esq.


Known for providing attentive and dedicated advocacy for people dealing with immigration issues, Bridget has a proven ability to successfully represent individuals with complex areas of immigration law.
Meet The Team 2

Mrs. Jacquelyn
M. Kline, Esq.


Mrs. Kline specializes in immigration law and has represented clients before Immigration Courts throughout the United States. She and her firm have represented more than 300 families detained.

Invaluable Team Members